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Haftorah Hyperlinks: Naso
Learn the profound connections between the weekly parsha and its related Haftorah.
A biblical history of the Jews
After the passing of Joshua, the Jewish people were led by a series of “shoftim” (literally, “judges”). The book of Judges chronicles the events that transpired during their leadership. Major events in this period of history include Ehud’s assassination o...
Gate of Reincarnations: Chapter Thirty-Six, Section 4e
Because the sons of Aaron entered the Holy of Holies while intoxicated, Samson was forbidden wine from birth to rectify their sin.
The nazirite is a holy calling—rising above the mundane by observing a meticulous lifestyle
The Jerusalem Talmud notes that one verse in the Book of Judges states that Samson judged Israel for forty years, while another says he judged them for twenty years.
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