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Naaseh V'nishma

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Torah (10,822)
G‑d inserted the reading of Mishpatim before going back in time to discuss key elements of the narrative of the giving of the Torah. His way of saying: "Before you can receive the Torah fully—study Mishpatim!
Although many of the mitzvahs can be rationally understood even in accordance with contemporary moral ethics, is this how and why they should be fulfilled?
Does Jewish tradition demand blind faith, or are the Jewish people expected to question and ultimately understand all aspects of their faith?
By the Grace of G‑d Purim 5712 [March 11, 1952] Brooklyn, N.Y. The study group Worcester, Mass. Sholom U’Brocho: I was pleased to learn of the formation of a study group in your community, and I wish you much success. Although the name “Study Group” impli...
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