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I had an abortion years ago. I did it to avoid shame, but instead I am riddled with guilt. Am I condemned to a life of guilty feelings?
How to deal with anxiety and worry, depression and self-pity, nagging guilt, feelings of inadequacy and self-blame. Only once liberated from all the above can the soul soar freely.
The evil enclination's strategy makes it clear that it's counter-productive to inspect a shameful thought and be disappointed because of it. The key is to simply let it go. In fact we can actually feel pleased by its arrival…
Is Guilt Good?
I know that I can't reverse what I have done, but is there some way to alleviate my burden? Or must I resign myself to carrying the guilt with me all my life?
Question: I've had a rather difficult life and it seems to have just gotten harder and harder, more and more miserable... I do count my few blessings and pray to G‑d as well. I have always worked on having complete trust in Him. But at some point, it give...
I was raised Christian, and know how the church feels about it. I’m just wondering where Judaism stands on the issue.
Guilt: Productive or Counterproductive?
Reflecting on the past sometimes arouses feelings of guilt. Now guilt is a complex emotion. While it ignites a desire for change, it can also be a destructive force. Is there good and bad guilt?
I can't help feeling that if G‑d by any chance feels the need for a bit of supernatural holiday déjà vu, perhaps He should consider creating a guilt-free jelly doughnut...
I wanted to be free of the thoughts that kept me in bondage, but I didn't know how to let go. I couldn't talk about it. I was so ashamed...it was my fault Mama passed...
Episode 2
An in depth look at real life stories and issues and how to resolve them the Torah way.
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