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Part 1
Insights on the traditions of Jewish burial and the subsequent mourning period.
Sometimes love is not measured by a capacity to give, but rather by a capacity to receive...
Talk about surreal. On a recent Thursday evening, just before midnight, an elderly woman passed away, a few minutes after the "seven blessings" were said concluding the wedding of her grandson, the son of her youngest child...
It's more than appropriate. Bringing food to mourners is actually a traditional practice, and even alluded to in the Bible. In Genesis we read that Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a pot of lentil soup. According to the Midrash, Jacob was actually pr...
Happiness is peace of mind and knowing, “This is what G‑d wants for me right now. This is what He wants me to be doing or not doing, feeling or not feeling.”
Your very presence is all that matters, showing the mourners that you acknowledge their loss and pay your respects toward the departed.
I was going to a funeral. My wife was headed to a sibling’s wedding. On the very same flight!
Mourners partake of a special meal, visitors bring a steady stream of food, and some have the custom not to remove food from the shivah home.
Healing the Loss of a Parent Through Jewish Ritual
The Soul Slowly Seeps Out My entire childhood, my parents staunchly refused to let any of us to have an animal in the house, particularly a dog, and I really wanted one. My siblings were much older than I. They moved out when I was young, and I grew up as...
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