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Colel Chabad

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More than 100 children and their widowed mothers are taking part in a retreat organized by Colel Chabad.
Chabad-Lubavitch embraced the Russian Jews who flooded Israel following the fall of communism, assisting them physically and spiritually. With no friend or family in Israel, Colel Chabad became their family and arranged a grand Bar Mitzvah party at the We...
Refugees Choose Dormitory Life Over Rockets, Imposition
Thousands of families, couples, and singles from Israel's north have left to stay with family or friends farther south. More than 400 residents of Safed have found their way to Kfar Chabad.
Northern Israel a Picture of Devastation and Hope
Safed has become a virtual ghost town in the last three weeks. Streets normally full of children are now practically empty, save for the occasional cat or dog. “Listen to the quiet,” said Rachel Chitrik, “Normally it would be so noisy...”
Chabad Takes Up Mantle of Relief
During the Thursday afternoon assault, another Katyusha rocket landed about five meters away from the Kaplans' home, with their children and mother inside.
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