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Mashpia (Spiritual Mentor)

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My friends in recovery have a saying:"We are only as sick as our secrets.” I keep on hearing this, but I have a hard time accepting this idea. I have always wondered: After all, isn't it important to have some privacy?
Purim, 5747 • March 15, 1987
Torah instructs: “Provide yourself with a mentor.” But how does one know who to choose as a spiritual guide? The Talmud Tractate Berachos teaches: “A mentor must be like an angel of G-d”. In his code of Jewish law, Maimonides offers a clue to the conduct ...
There is a long standing edict that in every Jewish community – without exception – there be one person who acts as the community’s Chasidic mentor, before whom the people can pour out their spiritual ailments, and whose task it is to guide others in the ...
He relished the opportunity to share Judaism with others in his signature unobtrusive style
Reb Velvel Kesselman, longtime mashpia (spiritual mentor) in Kfar Chabad, Israel, passed away on March 10 at the age of 91, leaving a legacy of piety, scholarship and humility. He and his identical twin, Shalom Dov Ber (Berel), were born into difficult ci...
Learning Pirkei Avot: chapter 1, mishnah 6
Make for yourself a rabbi, acquire for yourself a friend, and judge everyone favorably.
Having a mentor means having someone you look up to that can show you the larger picture and perspective of life. Here's how these two women inspired an entire generation of Jewish women.
Did Moses have trouble delegating responsibility? Was he afraid to let others help him?
17 Tishrei, 5747 · October 20, 1986
When Moses refused to offer an answer to a question—and why.
It turns out that the "six financial milestones before thirty" aren't only financial, and aren't only for thirty-year-olds. But these milestones are six wise principles for leading spiritually meaningful, successful—and enriching—lives.
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