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Kos Shel Brachah

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Zimun (3)
The Rebbe distributes wine from the havdolah ceremony following Simchas Torah. A group of children from Morocco are heard singing among the crowd.
Following a Farbrengen which began on the Festival, the Rebbe reads from a prayerbook, reciting Havdalah, which concludes the Festival. The cup of wine is filled and refilled until the wee hours of the morning. The wine is distributed to young and old of ...
The Rebbe pours Kos Shel Bracha from his cup following the holiday of Shavuos.
The Rebbe recites havdalah at the conclusion of Simchas Torah and distributes kos shel brocha.
A rare film of the Rebbe performing the Havdala ceremony at the conclusion of Shavuos and Shabbos, and subsequent distribution of kos shel brocha, wine from the “cup of blessing.”
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