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Kiddush Levanah

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1. The Hebrew Calendar Is Based on the Moon At the cusp of the Exodus, G‑d commanded Moses regarding the Hebrew calendar. Each time witnesses spotted the sliver of a burgeoning moon in the night sky, the start of the new month was declared. The month Nisa...
By Esther P. Zibell
Artist's Statement: This is a mono-type, a one-of-a-kind process which allows me to create a free and imaginative description of the sanctification of the moon. Allusions to the custom float around the moon.
Rosh Chodesh
Why is the Redemption, the moment of our consummate fulfillment, analogous to the moon's rebirth, a moment when it emits only a diminutive and weak crescent of light?
Kiddush Levana behind the Rebbe’s house on President Street.
Sanctifying the new moon outside 770 on the second night after Yom Kippur.
Sanctification of the New Moon outside the Rebbe’s home on President Street.
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