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Chessed; Acts of Kindness

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“When I was about three years old, the war broke out. I was too young to know why things were so hard, but old enough to know that every egg and every piece of fruit was a real treasure.”
Yisrael lived in Ramat Gan, Israel, where he had his own little house and small farm. He was a chicken farmer and had enough laying chickens to provide him with a modest income for himself and family. He was neither rich nor poor, but he was very generous...
Director and Founder of Nitza: The Jerusalem Postpartum Support Network
"I realized that if four women in my community gave birth that year, then among them there would likely be a woman and a family suffering in silence from this debilitating illness..."
Abraham planted something in the desert. What he planted is subject to debate, but the lesson we learn is not...
Why is a "kind" bird included amongst the forbidden fowl?
One of the birds which is described in this week's reading is the chassidah, the stork, regarding which the Talmud tells us, "she is benevolent toward her own kind." So why isn't thechassidah kosher?
Who was Og, why was Moses afraid of him, and what this teaches us about the protective power of a single act of kindness
Meditate on loving-kindness throughout your daily activities.
Meditate on loving-kindness throughout your daily activities
18th of Elul, 5710 [1950]
"Man possesses a body and а soul. And just as there is material poverty (in food, clothing and shelter), so there is spiritual poverty, where the deficiency is in spiritual things..."
More than children learn from texts, they learn from living examples of what they see.
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