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Medical Ethics

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Question and Answer session on organ donation, cremation and the right to die.
When it comes to the complex and sensitive topic of using genetic engineering to produce offspring with specific characteristics, it is important to bear in mind that there are many medical techniques and methods referred to as “genetic engineering,” as w...
We will start off with the question of non-kosher ingredients and work our way to vaccine made with fetal tissue.
Online course discusses issues especially relevant during pandemic
The medical world is evolving at a dizzying pace. New technologies, the cumulative research of countless doctors and research institutions around the world, and unique contemporary social and political pressures have coalesced so that treatments that were...
Jewish medical ethics on the modern world.
It's time for a serious talk about life, death, health, medicine, and healing. The world, as we know it, is changing and progressing faster than ever before. And with all those developments and advancements come bigger and more complicated ethical questio...
A patient has advanced metastatic cancer and the doctors believe she will succumb. There is one new experimental treatment which may possibly reverse the disease, but the treatment is dangerous, and if it does not succeed it will kill her.
The patient adamantly refuses treatment, preferring to die. Would halachah sanction his request?
How does Jewish law approach this topic? What are the expectations, and in what circumstances can confidentiality be overridden?
Does Judaism view alternative medicine as a good thing, something to be tolerated, or is it actually forbidden?
A penetrating presentation on the ethical practice of medicine, ultimately addressing questions like: if G-d is the ultimate Healer, why are we permitted to heal, and is the practice of medicine a moral obligation? The entire lecture is ultimately based o...
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