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R. Schneur Zalman of Liadi (Alter Rebbe)

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Academics discuss the founder of Chabad
Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi founded Chabad Chassidism. He was imprisoned in czarist Russia in 1798 for his revolutionary ideals, and subsequently released. He is also known as “the Alter Rebbe.”
In what was one of the craziest ten minutes in stock exchange history, the Dow dropped nearly one thousand points yesterday. Now, the Monday morning quarterbacks enter the fray—as do the couch rabbis...
Why does success evoke arrogance in some and humility in others?
What is the key to graciously accepting blessings in life while not growing callous because of them? Rabbi Schneur Zalman offers the answer, through a study of the words of Jacob, the archetypal beneficiary.
The door swung open and Rabbi Shlomo walked out and began to pace in the waiting room. Suddenly, he loudly exclaimed: "Young man, young man, what will be if indeed there is a G‑d in this world?"
Devorah Leah’s Story
Breaking down in tears, Devorah Leah begged them, “I ask you to swear a serious oath that cannot be broken, that you will follow my request even if a human life is at stake.”
This past week, on the 18th of Elul, we marked the birthdays of two pioneers who devoted their lives to campaigning against negative campaigning...
The Life of the Rebbe's Daughter
As Fraida reached the next words, "You will eventually take it from me..." she lifted her ten fingers heavenward and cried out, "Father, wait, I'm coming!" With those final words, Fraida's soul departed from her body.
That his Shabbat prayer was a gift to last all my years, Grandfather could hardly have known. And in the very last moments before my carriage moved, he gave me still another, utterly precious gift...
"I am very impressed with your chassidim. However, I see your chassidim spending so much time learning chassidic texts. Doesn't this go against a Talmudic directive?..."
And are there Torah alternatives?
There are similarities between the Freudian model of the human psyche and that described by Rabbi Schneur Zalman in his Tanya. But there’s also a major difference with serious impact: where Freud sees the underlying force within man as his sexual drive, t...
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