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Good carb, healthy fat and sugarfree recipes. Here you will find unbelievably delicious and healthy recipes specifically created with the diabetic eater in mind, but great for anyone looking for guilt-free Shavuot eating!

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Raspberry Roll Cookies
Stuffed with Coconut, Chocolate, Jam, and Nuts
How to Make Pizza Ebraica
An Italian Jewish Cookie Studded with Fruit and Nuts
How to Make Decorated Cookies
Detailed, Step-by-Step Instructions
Learn to make these beautiful birthday cookies!
Healthy Almond Cookies
With Chocolate Drizzle
Bright & Colorful Stained Glass Cookies
Make ’em with your kids! Or unleash your own inner child . . .
Coconut Macaroons
Video | 0:51
Coconut Macaroons
Extreme Chocolate Drop Cookies
Gluten Free & Kosher for Passover
Cranberry-Pecan Mandel Bread
Sweet Sally’s Recipe
Triple Chocolate Coconut Hamantaschen Cookies
Gluten & Dairy Free!
I think of it as sort of a cookie cake, with the best attributes of both. True shortbread is made without eggs. So this recipe is not traditional, but it’s still delicious...
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