It’s been a full five years since I started blogging here, and I’m celebrating with these simple but show-stopping, decadent chocolate truffles.

Chocolate truffles are basically a stiff ganache which is formed into balls and rolled in various toppings. Because the chocolate is front and center, make sure you use a good quality chocolate. Definitely stay away from anything “chocolate flavored”.

I’ve used coconut, cocoa powder, freeze dried raspberries, and finely ground pistachios. Chocolate-coconut is a classic combination, as is chocolate-raspberry. By using the freeze-dried raspberries (which I blitzed into a powder), the topping adds a remarkable tartness that works well with the richness of the chocolate. The coconut and the raspberry are definitely the ones I would most recommend.

With some simple boxes, these truffles can also make elegant gifts. Perhaps for a Chanukah party, or in a few months’ time for Purim.

Truffle Ingredients

  • 3 cups dark chocolate chips, or chopped chocolate
  • 1½ cups heavy cream
  • 2 tsp. vanilla extract
  • ½ tsp. kosher salt


  • Freeze-dried raspberries, blitzed into a powder in a food processor or blender
  • Cocoa powder
  • Desiccated coconut
  • Finely ground salted pistachios


  1. Pour the chocolate chips into a large bowl.
  2. Heat the cream over medium heat until just below boiling.
  3. Pour the cream over the chocolate chips and let sit for five minutes.
  4. Whisk the mixture until smooth. Whisk in the vanilla and salt and freeze for about two hours until firm. If the mixture is still too soft to roll into balls, freeze for another hour or two.
  5. Use a melon-baller or measuring spoon to scoop out evenly sized amounts of chocolate and roll into round balls.
  6. Dip the balls into the toppings, place on a plate or baking sheet in a single layer and return to freezer to firm up. Store in the fridge or freezer.
  7. It’s important to work quickly and efficiently so the mixture doesn’t warm up and become too soft work with. Try to roll the truffles quickly, and work in small batches if necessary, so that they get back into the fridge or freezer quickly.

Yields: 30-40 truffles