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Herring & Apple Salad
“Chraime” Sephardic Spicy Fish
Recipes for Shabbat from Israel
Fillet of Sole
Tilapia Fillets with Chickpeas
Recipes for Shabbat from Israel
Sea Bass Spring Rolls
With Sweet Ginger Dipping Sauce
Caribbean Fish
An exotic match of flavoring... Sure to please a crowd!
Italian Sea Bass
Mexican Fish Cakes
Parmesan and Sun-Dried Tomato-Crusted Tilapia
My friend Rozanna’s mother, Lela, gave me the very simple parmesan crusted fish recipe that this dish is based on, and I thought the addition of sun-dried tomatoes was a great complement to the parmesan...
Sushi Hamantaschen (Onigri)
What better way to celebrate Purim, and enjoy everyone’s favorite food, than with these adorable sushi hamantaschen...
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