Each year when Purim comes around, the spirit of fun laughter and happiness fills the air. But as we all know, one of the main themes of Purim is giving. We give tzedakah to the less fortunate, and mishloach manot to friends and family. Over time, mishloach manot have become more than just a nice gesture of a bottle of grape juice and some hamantashen—many families like to take this time to explore their creative sides by designing and assembling their own homemade (sometimes themed) Purim baskets. This is a wonderful way to get the kids involved in a truly glorious mitzvah, as well as a way to save money on buying expensive ready-made products. Here are a few recipes and ideas for how to make your Purim baskets unique, elegant, and fun.

The following recipes were taken from Elizabeth Kurtz’s website www.gourmetkoshercooking.com which she co-created with Emuna Braverman.