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Passover Torah Reading
Text of the Torah Reading with Hebrew & English Linear Translation
Read the text of the Torah reading with Hebrew & English linear translation for every day of Passover, divided into aliyahs, with the option to display Rashi's commentary.
Summary of the Passover Torah Readings
Out of Egypt... the Paschal Lamb... to see and to be seen... appointments in time... leaven and matzah... the Song at the Sea... a Messianic prophecy... a synopsis of the Torah readings for the first, intermediate and closing days of Passover
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Readings for Passover
First Day
Nissan 15, 5777
April 11, 2017

Joshua 3:5-7; Joshua 5:2 - 6:1; Joshua 6:27
Second Day
Nissan 16, 5777
April 12, 2017

Kings II 23:1-9; Kings II 23:21-25
Third Day
Nissan 17, 5777
April 13, 2017

Fourth Day
Nissan 18, 5777
April 14, 2017

Fifth Day
Nissan 19, 5777
April 15, 2017

Ezekiel 37:1-14
Sixth Day
Nissan 20, 5777
April 16, 2017

Seventh Day
Nissan 21, 5777
April 17, 2017

Samuel II 22:1-51
Eighth Day
Nissan 22, 5777
April 18, 2017

Isaiah 10:32 - 12:6
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