"And Moses spoke to the entire community of the children of Israel, saying: 'This is the word that G‑d has commanded [me] to say.'"—Exodus 35:4

This week's reading describes the exact measurements and composition of every element and feature of the Tabernacle. To give such a through description of the Tabernacle at this point seems odd since these details were already related in previous portions when G‑d told Moses how to build the Tabernacle. In other words, a lengthy description of the Tabernacle's dimensions is given two times—once when G‑d tells Moses how to build it and again when the people follow through with the plan. What is the purpose of this seemingly superfluous repetition?

The Tabernacle – as the place in which G‑d's presence was revealed in this world – served two functions. On one hand, it was an expression of Heaven coming down to Earth. On the other, it was the ultimate expression of man's efforts to perfect the environment around him. G‑d created this world so that it could ultimately become His home—the place where He can reveal His essence. But G‑d wanted man to be part of the process of turning this world into a place of Divine revelation.

Just as important as G‑d's desire to be found here in this world is our effort to make that actually happenThat is why the details of the Tabernacle are enumerated twice. The first time – when G‑d describes it to Moses – represents G‑d's vision of perfection on earth. The second time – when the people implement this vision – embodies man's role in actually making a home for G‑d in this world. In other words, just as important as G‑d's desire to be found here in this world is our effort to make that actually happen.

The "spiritual awakening" that is the objective and culmination of our working the Steps has been described as heaven on earth. When we give our lives over to G‑d's care, thoroughly clean house and devote ourselves to a life of serving others, we experience a sense of peace that is nothing short of Divine. G‑d has truly entered our lives.

But, for most of us, this new lease on life does not just appear out-of-the-blue. G‑d does not show up unannounced or uninvited and make Himself at home with us. We have been working hard to create an environment that is hospitable to G‑d's Presence. Indeed, every aspect of our recovery is directed toward this purpose. As Step 12 promises, our "spiritual awakening" comes about "as the result of these steps." Certainly G‑d has a vision of the perfect life for each of us, but equally significant is the work that we must do to make G‑d's vision for us a reality.