Rebecca gazed out of the large bay window and sighed. "If only I were a princess," she said, thinking out loud, "then I would be able to ask the king for anything I wished."

Her mother, Mrs. Benson, who was passing by while carrying a load of laundry, overheard Rebecca's comment. She placed the laundry basket on the floor, and lovingly put her hand on her daughter's head. "Rebecca, don't you know that you are a princess?"

Rebecca looked up at her mother, making sure she wasn't pulling her leg. "What do you mean?"

Mrs. Benson pointed upward. "G‑d is our King, and you, and all the Jewish mothers and daughters in the world, are His princesses!"

Rebecca smiled. "Do you mean that G‑d will do anything I ask? Wow! That's great news! Why don't I take advantage of it, and put my requests before G‑d. In fact, I will give Him my entire wish list…"

"Well, you are doing that every time you pray to G‑d. You are saying you are dedicated to G‑d and asking Him to help you."

"I don't mean the important things," said Rebecca. "I know G‑d is giving us that. What I mean is, you know, fun things. Things a princess would ask her father the king to give her."

Mrs. Benson held up her hand, as if to say stop. She then walked over to the bookshelf and took the book of the Torah off the shelf. "Where was that again…hmmmm….oh wow! It is in this week's Torah portion—Vayishlach!"

Rebecca walked across the room to join her mother, curious as to what she was looking for. "Mom, you are at the part when Jacob is about to meet his brother Esau. He is praying really hard to G‑d, because the last time they were together, Esau wanted to kill him!"

Mrs. Benson nodded proudly. "Yup, that is exactly right! Jacob begins praying to G‑d to spare him from Esau, his brother. Do you remember what Jacob said?"

"Didn't Jacob tell G‑d how small he felt, and how few good deeds he thought he had?" Rebecca asked. "Jacob was asking G‑d to help him, even though he thought he didn't deserve it."

Mrs. Benson nodded as she put the book of the Torah back in its spot on the shelf. "That's right. Jacob was teaching us a lesson. Of course Jacob was deserving of G‑d's help. Yet, he was very humble, and did not expect anything from G‑d on account of his merit. And in the end, G‑d did help him, and saved him from Esau."

Rebecca smiled. "So you mean that when I, as a princess, don't ask G‑d to give me things because I think I deserve them, then He will be much more generous and much more giving?

"Away with the wish list!"