Danny looked up out the window and then let his eyes drift over to the clock on the wall. "Six minutes until practice for the show," he thought. Danny enjoyed playing guitar and had regular lessons. Joining up with some other boys with musical skills, they had put together a nice set of Jewish Purim songs and were going to put on a little show at the Purim party at Danny's home, after the Megillah reading. A colored notice inviting people to come was up on the wall of the classroom.

"And then they set up the planks of the Sanctuary…" Mr. Benson's voice brought him back to Planet Earth. The class was hearing about that week's Torah reading, how Moses and the Jewish people had finally built the Sanctuary in the desert.

"Wait," Danny thought to himself, "I remember hearing about the Sanctuary." He furrowed his brow, thinking.

"Ah yes, I remember," it came to him in a flash. "We were discussing the Sanctuary in last week's Torah reading, and also three weeks ago and four weeks ago—when we first learned how G‑d told Moses on Mount Sinai how to make the Sanctuary and how to make all the clothes for the priests who would serve in it."

"Mr. Benson!" Danny's hand was raised, trying to catch his teacher's attention. "Didn't we already learn about the Sanctuary a few weeks ago?"

"Good question," Mr. Benson said, delighted that Danny was paying some attention to the class, instead of dreaming, gazing out the window or looking at the clock on the wall.

"Danny, do you play music?" Mr. Benson surprised the class with the question. Everyone looked at him with interest. "Err… umm…" Danny blushed. Purim was going to be his first public performance and he was nervous and excited. Mr. Benson's sudden question about his music skills came as a complete surprise.

"A friend of mine who is a musician says," continued Mr. Benson, "that often when he wants to write a piece of music, the song suddenly comes to him in his head. Then he has to quickly run to his piano to play it, or he carries around a sound recorder and he hums the melody so that he can work on it later. Eventually he has it clear as a piece of music which he can play in public."

Danny and the whole class listened with interest. Danny remembered the new Purim song he had been working on with his guitar. But, he thought, what did this have to do with the Sanctuary?

"The repeating descriptions of the Sanctuary are similar," explained Mr. Benson. "G‑d showed Moses a spiritual Sanctuary on Mount Sinai, in all its details. It was like the idea for the song, and the first step of writing it down or recording it—that was recounted in the Torah reading four weeks ago. Then in this week's reading, Moses and the Jewish people actually built the real thing. It is like you and your friends actually playing the song in two weeks' time at the Purim party!"

Danny understood. There was the idea, and the reality. The reality of the Sanctuary was to make people recognize G‑d in the world, and the reality of the Purim show was to make people enjoy Purim, and to recognize G‑d in the Purim story. Danny quietly hummed his new Purim song, happily. Then the bell went, and at last it was time to practice for the show!