In this week’s Parshah, Jacob and his family are being approached by Jacob’s brother Esau and his army. Esau is still angry over his brother’s receiving the blessing from their father Isaac. Therefore, when Jacob hears that Esau is approaching, he prepares to meet him in three ways. Jacob prays to G‑d for salvation, he prepares gifts and sends them ahead to appease Esau, and he prepares his family for war.

To portray each of the steps Jacob did to prepare his family, we have three delicious treats for you to create with your family for the Shabbat table.

  1. Prayer Books: These cute prayer books are a great way to represent Jacob praying to G‑d for success. Click here for a link to the Edible Prayer Books.
  2. Brownie Present Boxes: These delicious brownie gift boxes represent the gifts sent to Esau. Click here for a link to the Brownie Present Boxes. (These were created for Parshat Terumah)
  3. Jacob’s third strategy was to prepare the men in his family for war. To depict this, we will be creating these healthy fruit arrows.

Here’s What You Will Need:

  • Blueberries
  • Melon
  • Skewers
  • Sharp Knife
  • Cutting Board


Cut the melon into thick slices, then cut triangles from the slices.

Begin assembling the arrows by sliding the blueberries onto the skewers. Place a triangle arrow on the top of the skewer.

Place the fruit arrows, upright, in a vase, or laying flat on a platter.

Now you've brought the Torah portion to life at your Shabbat table!