And Joseph was taken down to Egypt. (Genesis 39:1)

The word for “taken down” in this verse is הורד. That could also mean that he became the dominant force there, as the same word is used concerning the Moshiach, “And he will dominate from sea to sea.…”

And indeed, Joseph became the ruler of Egypt. (Midrash)

You are Joseph.

Your soul descended into a world that overwhelms you with its bigness, its coldness, and its apathy to change.

It’s only natural to feel that you have been sold as a slave, or even surrendered as a prisoner. That you are no more than a victim of circumstances.

Yet the reality is that your descent into this body in this world was carefully planned in the heavens.

That, as you descend, you are empowered to rule.

To make change from within—which is the only lasting change. To make of this world a Moshiach kind of world, a world that recognizes the divine wisdom it contains is, after all, an inside job.

What is your strategy?

Do the same as Joseph: Wherever G‑d has planned for you to be, whether managing a home, sitting in a prison cell, or strategizing a plan to head off an environmental crisis, do your job as a proud Jew, with integrity, with lots of mitzvahs, and with G‑d’s name on your lips.

Then, as Joseph, in all you do you will succeed.

Likutei Sichot vol. 25, pg. 194.