After Korach’s rebellion, G‑d commanded each tribe to place a staff in the Holy of Holies and leave it there overnight. When they returned the following morning, the staff of the Levite tribe, inscribed with Aaron’s name, had miraculously sprouted almond blossoms. This was a clear that Aharon’s appointment as the High Priest was a Divine decision.

To represent Aharon’s blossoming staff, we will be creating almond pretzel sticks.

You Will Need

● Thick pretzels

● Baking chocolate

● Honey-glazed almonds

● Ziploc bags

● Parchment paper

Let’s Begin

Cut the baking chocolate into small squares. Place the chocolate chunks into a Ziploc bag and seal tightly. Then, place the bag into a second bag and seal again.

Fill a bowl with boiling water. Place the bag of chocolate into the bowl and allow it to sit in the water for 5-10 minutes, until the chocolate is completely melted. Alternatively, you can melt the chocolate in a microwave or double boiler.

While the chocolate is melting, set out the pretzels on a sheet of parchment paper. Place them an inch apart, giving space to pour the chocolate on top.

Once the chocolate is melted, remove the bag from the hot water, and throw away the outer bag. Use kitchen scissors to cut a small hole at the corner of the bag.

Carefully pipe the chocolate over each pretzel. The chocolate will be quite runny at this stage. Wait a few minutes for the chocolate to thicken a bit, then place three of four honey-glazed almonds on the pretzel stick. If the almonds fall down, this will indicate that you need to wait a few more minutes for the chocolate to thicken enough to hold the almond. Be careful that the chocolate doesn’t fully harden, though, because then the almond will have nothing to stick to.