I once received an email with the following question:

"Dear G‑d, why did you create me, as a material being? Was it so I would live my life and then return to the same heaven I came from? What was the point? You could have left me as I originally was, and I would have been today as I will soon be. You made me travel all my life only to return to where I was before I left?

"Why, dear G‑d, did you waste my time?"

The Journey Itself

The best analogy I could think of is that of a scientist who embarks on a journey of exploration in the African jungles. After a long and dangerous ordeal, the scientist will ultimately return home. Why did he go? Was his journey a waste of time if indeed he returns to the place he embarked from? Of course not!

He has returned an enriched man: stronger for his travels, wiser for his discoveries, and more capable of appreciating life, the universe and our role in it.

By leading a life that justifies its own existence, we ensure that this question is never asked of you and me.