1. A Yearlong Adventure

    A careful reading of the biblical verses reveals that Noah and his family actually spent 365 days in the ark—a full solar year! Find out why here.
  2. Rainbow

    The rainbow is a reminder of G‑d’s covenant to never destroy the world again. Learn more about that here.
  3. Then There Were 10 . . .

    There were exactly 10 generations from Adam until Noah. And there were exactly 10 more generations from Noah’s son Shem to Abraham.
  4. Purification System

    G‑d could have used anything to destroy the world. In fact, he could have done nothing at all, and the world would simply disappear. So why the flood? Water was chosen because it also cleansed the world like a giant mikvah (ritual bath). To learn more on this topic, click here.
  5. Under Construction

    Noah was 480 when G‑d told him to construct the ark and 600 years old when the flood came. That means that he spent 120 years building the ark. That gave the people ample time to hear about the impending flood and change their ways.
  6. First Vegetarians

    According to Maimonides, before the flood, humankind was only allowed to eat food that grew from the ground. After the flood, meat became permitted. Here’s why.
  7. Sole Survivors

    According to the Talmud’s reading of the verses, fish remained in the water and survived the flood unharmed. Learn more about this here.
  8. Negative Influence

    The animals were destroyed in the flood. Why was that? Things were so bad in the pre-flood era that even the animal kingdom had become corrupt. Read more.
  9. The Ark’s Structure

    Read the verses of the Bible, and you’ll learn that the ark was a giant rectangular pyramid. It was three stories high and divided into small rooms for people, animals and food.
  10. Nachas

    Noah’s son, Shem, together with his great-grandson, founded the school known as the academy of Shem and Aver. Learn more about this here.
  11. Lots More to Learn on Chabad.org

    You can learn so much more about the great flood by signing up for “Noah Decoded,” Chabad.org’s latest online course. And it’s absolutely free!