In the portion of Massei, the borders of Israel are defined, and we are told how to apportion the land. Every Jew has a portion.

We read Massei during the “Three Weeks,” the period before Tisha B’Av, when we mourn the destruction of our Holy Temple in Jerusalem and the exile of our people.

What message is found in all this for us now?

Every Jew has a portion in the Holy Land; this shows a natural unity among us. It is specifically through brotherly love and unity that we merit the Holy Land.

When we are together in unity, we are even stronger. We help each other overcome obstacles.

Now, during these three weeks, is a time to strengthen our bonds of friendship, especially with those we have the most difficulty. Now is the time to overcome our differences.

When Jewish people are unified with love , it gives G‑d the greatest nachas. It is almost irresistible to Hashem to see his children in a state of togetherness.

More than any mitzvah, this is what will end our exile. We need Moshiach now more than ever.