And the waters became powerful, and they increased very much upon the earth, and the ark moved upon the waters. And the waters became exceedingly powerful upon the earth, and all the lofty mountains that were under the heavens were covered up. (Gensis 7:18-19)

The flood is a story of the downfall of civilization, but also of redemption and a new beginning. Originally this painting began both dark and somber, in only black and white. Later light and color were introduced transforming the canvas. The painting holds these time zones and their different realities in a process I call "cubism in time".

In one zone, the painting captures the surging, turbulent flood. Darkness and destruction engulf the world as the multilayered ark endures the storm. In the other zone, the black sky transforms to magnesium blue. The dark waters turn to calmer seas as the ark begins to rest on top of the mountain. A sense of light emerges from the dark canvas and a subtle rainbow appears in strokes of pink and gold. The rainbow is the sign

G‑d paints across the sky bearing His promise never to destroy the world again through flood. It remains today a peaceful symbol of hope and a hopeful symbol of peace.