Listen, O heavens, and I will speak! Let the earth hear the words of my mouth! My lesson will drip like rain; my word will flow like dew; like storm winds on vegetation and like raindrops on grass. (Deuteronomy 32:1–2)

In the song of Haazinu, the teachings of the Torah are compared to rain which waters the ground, causing vegetation to grow, releasing its potential. Just as in the world of nature G‑d provides dew and moisture to enable the renewal of life on earth, the words of Torah are like rain for man. The world which G‑d creates is His work of art. Man’s task is to make the picture better with the Torah which he receives from Heaven.

In the painting, we feel the glory of the heavenly expanse which is tinged with golden light flowing down unto the mountains and the earth. The earth looks like it is covered with a verdant green mantle. Rashi says that the dew that drips to earth causes people to rejoice, and in the painting there is a feeling of peace and joy. Even though the root of Torah is in heaven, it has the power to bring everything on earth to heaven. We sense the merging of heaven and earth with harmony and oneness.