For I am G‑d your healer (15:26)

'Reb Avraham the Doctor' wasn't really a doctor, but a G‑d fearing, long bearded, small town medic with no formal training. At a chassidic farbrengen, at which Reb Avraham was present, Rabbi Shmuel of Lubavitch remarked: "I don't think much of doctors. Concerning the vast majority of internal illnesses they know nothing at all. As for the little they do know, the medicines they dispense to heal one disease usually harms another of the body's organs.

"But of you, Reb Avraham, I hold very highly. When someone comes to you for a cure, you know good and well that you have not the slightest idea of what's going on. But you have to give him something, so you sit there with your hand in your bushy beard pondering what to give him. Believe me, this helps more than any medicine. The beard corresponds to the Divine attribute of Arich, and Arichis the abbreviation of the verse "For I am G‑d, your healer" (ki ani Hashem rof'echa) - and this certainly helps…"