On that very day, G‑d took the children of Israel out of Egypt

When the time for redemption came, G‑d did not keep them for even the blink of an eye

- Rashi's commentary1

In the Passover haggadah we say: "Had G‑d not taken our forefathers out of Egypt, we, our children, and our children's children would still be enslaved to Pharaoh…"

After two centuries of exile and subjugation there was little to differentiate the Jewish people from their idol-worshiping masters.2 So deeply had they sunk into the pagan depravity of Egypt that their redemption came at the very last possible moment, when they were but a hairsbreadth from spiritual annihilation.

- Nachmonides

Said the Zeideh of Shpoli to the Almighty: "Master of the Universe! The sages of the Talmud pleaded before You to bring the Moshiach. You chose not to do so. The holy Ari begged You to bring Moshiach - again You were unwilling. We have reached the point where it is left to someone of my ilk to ask for the redeemer. Still You are holding out.

"Mark my words. There will come a generation who will have no interest in You or Your Moshiach. Then You will have no choice but to bring him…"