The parshah of V'Zot Haberacha, the final parshah in the Torah, is read on Simchat Torah. The name of the parshah means "and this is the blessing" because in it, Moses blesses the tribes of Israel before he passes away. Each tribe get its own blessing, just like Jacob blessed each tribe individually.

Reuven is blessed with life, Judah with success in battle, Levi with serving in the Temple and being teachers of Torah, Benjamin is "beloved" by G‑d, Joseph is blessed with sweet fruits on his land, Zebulun with success in trade, Issachar with success in Torah study, Gad with a lot of land, Dan with the might of a lion,  Naftali with fertile land and sea, and Asher with sons and olive oil.

After Moses finishes blessing the people of Israel, he goes up Mount Nebo and G‑d shows him the whole Land of Israel. Then Moses, at 120 years old, passes away. He is buried by G‑d, and until today, nobody knows his burial place. The Jews mourn Moses for thirty days, and then Joshuah becomes the new leader, and all the Jews follow and respect him just as they did Moses.

The parshah, and the entire Torah, ends by telling us what a great person Moses was: "There arose not a prophet since in Israel like Moses, whom G‑d knew face to face... and in all the mighty hand and the great awesome things which Moses did before the eyes of all Israel."

As soon as we finish reading the parshah, we immediately begin again from the beginning, reading from Bereishit about how G‑d created the world. Tune in next week as we begin the parshah cycle again for another year of parshah adventures.