A new nation is created, and now it's time for its founder to deliver his first speech to the newbies.

The Founder will not be speaking directly to the people today; instead He has sent His chief-of-staff to pass on the first order of business.

"Umm… Mmmm… Today we are going to discuss the lunar cycle. We need to teach the courts of law how to establish months of a lunar year. Here it is: if two witnesses see the crescent moon on the…"

STOP! Cut.

Imagine the scene. The Jews are still slaves in Egypt, and now for the very first time ever they will hear a Torah lesson. And it's about the moon.

The moon?! Is that what's on the agenda?

Are the moon and galaxies the most crucial topic to discuss with a newly formed nation?

I would suggest the Ten Commandments as a serious contender for the opening addressIf I had a say in the matter, I would suggest the Ten Commandments as a serious contender for the opening address, or better yet a general introduction to the Jewish mission. But astronomy?

The explanation is powerful.

When the Jewish court (the bet din) declares on a new month, based on the testimony of two witnesses who claim to have seen the new moon, they cause the whole universe to follow their lead.

For example, the mystics explain that on every Rosh Hashanah a new and unprecedented divine light enters the world. But who decides when Rosh Hashanah is? The bet din! Based on whose testimony? Two simple Jews! Around you and me the entire creation revolves!

In His premier lesson, G‑d revealed to us the biggest secret and most vital piece of knowledge:

Dear Son, you have the power to change and influence the world. Your actions have an effect on the universe and the entire cosmos!