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A Divine Garden

An Art Journal

August 7, 2010
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Leah Caroline New Haven September 13, 2010

Art Journaling Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback. You inspire me as well.

Susan, if you do an online search you will find many websites and books devoted to art journaling. It is a good place to start. Who knows where it will lead.

For the Judaic in art journaling: If art (and writing) is a reflection of who we are, then the more Judaism is a part of our lives, the more it will come through. (Of course, there are many artists who choose not to create things obviously Jewish, and that's fine.) For me, learning Torah and relating it to my personal life inspires me. Occasionally, I write things down and "doodle" alongside. It is relatively easy (not too much thought-- just let it flow) and the most fun. For an article like this, though, I do a lot of research, refine my writing, and put much more thought into the art.
Tip (I am still learning this): pay attention to the letters-- spacing, size, composition etc.

I hope this helps, and good luck!

Have a wonderful year,

Leah Reply

Susan Seal Beach, CA September 13, 2010

This is the first time I have seen a Judaic Art journal. It is beautiful and full of inspiration.

It would make a wonderful online class for those of us who like to mix art and Judaica and for people who are starting to draw/paint/create/craft. I have always wanted to learn to make an art journal. Reply

Ruth housman marshfield hills, ma August 15, 2010

Rebecca's Well This is beautiful. It's a circle, isn't it? And digging is also for answers, and for growth, for us all.
I am so proud of my garden this summer, because the seeds I planted, the marigolds, the sunflowers, the morning glories, are now resplendent, and I did it with those tiny seeds, those smaller than small, dots in my hands. And some escaped and grew up in the cracks in the paving stones, and those are the little "roses" and they are so beautiful. Look for miracles in every garden!

I do believe, in "being there" we who are gardeners, each in our own ways, tending to the earth, carrying our pitchers of water, well, the well we draw from is a deep spiritual well, and this little book of pictures is beautiful in every possible way, in explicating this through words and the loveliest of art. Reply

Maria New York, NY August 14, 2010

A divine garden Wow! Thank you, Leah. This is so deep, so beautiful, so inspiring. I encourage you to keep working at it, to expand it, and to publish it. It will benefit all women, the Earth, and Humanity in general. This inspiration comes directly from Heaven. It is a mitzvah to publish! Reply

Alethea Margate, FL August 14, 2010

Eden The first Hebrew was a husbandry. (Adam) Farming is in our blood. Where as Cain went to the land of Nod and his first born son Enoch and he built a city. Cain and his children cannot till the ground. Our Father told Cain when thou tillest the ground, it shall not henceforth yield unto thee her strength: a fugitive and vagabond shalt thou be in the earth. Reply

sue Kanata, ON August 13, 2010

'...the earth in my hands" Woman, I dig it too and continue to
Cool work, Leah. (fellow artist) Reply

George Staples Hope, Arkansas August 13, 2010

Divine Earth Re-enforced my feelings, my thinking about what i do in my garden...grateful, i am, for your sight. Reply

Chavivi August 12, 2010

Leah's art This is beautiful. thank you Leah. Reply

goldie tennenhaus hallandale beach via August 12, 2010

A Divine garden beautiful. thank you Reply

Yosef Dovid Suffern, NY/USA August 12, 2010

chazak U'Boruch!!! a very wonderful way of showing and decribing LIFE. after looking and reading all the slides, i felt enriched and Inspired, ready to plant and grow my own seeds my own colorful inspirations. thank you! Reply

Dina Yerushalayim August 11, 2010

earth! Tanya!
Symbiotic - that explains my confusion, thank you. Reply

Hindy Rosenberg miami, fl August 11, 2010

leah's art wow! I thanks for bringing Jewsih Art to the next level. Reply

Devorah ny August 11, 2010

beautiful! I really enjoyed the journal Reply