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Internet & Technology

Rabbis Use Social Media to Spread the Light of Chanukah
Internet & Technology
Access to Jewish events are made easier by Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter Earns Three First-Place Journalism Awards
Internet & Technology
At annual AJPA banquet in Washington, largest Jewish-content website recognized for its work
How 1970s Chassidic Hackers Created a Worldwide Broadcast Network
Internet & Technology
The backroom of a Brooklyn landmark building served as the global hub for Jewish connectivity
Expanded Content and Reach at #1 Website for Jewish Women
Internet & Technology continues to grow its audience, celebrating 10 years of articles and videos
Bread to Bots: Challah Helps Facebook Create a New Communication Medium
Internet & Technology
A Chabad-Lubavitch emissary brings Silicon Valley Jews together
Birthday Greetings From One Young Emissary to Another
Internet & Technology
A new platform makes the world smaller and warmer for a group of children
Artificial Intelligence, Tay & the Tree
Internet & Technology
The day the Internet went mad
If artificial intelligence takes over, is this what it will look like? Is it a he, a she, an it, or an us?
Rabbi Gordon Daily Study App Now Available on iOS
Internet & Technology
JEM to Appeal to Ever-Widening Circle of Viewers for Support
Internet & Technology
Drive starts Monday, aimed at growing audience inspired by videos of the Rebbe
#openShabbat: Pulling the Plug at Plugged-In SXSW
Internet & Technology
Shabbat dinner at Texas hi-tech and entertainment festival draws hundreds off the grid
New App Features Daily Torah Classes With Rabbi Gordon
Internet & Technology
At 14, New Jersey Student Has an App and a Social-Media Title to Her Credit
Internet & Technology
Naomi Benenson, active with CTeen, draws inspiration from Chabad Hebrew school
Brooklyn Teen’s Poem Goes Viral, Sharing Chassidic Inspiration With the World
Internet & Technology
A 16-year-old Chabad girl takes on a school assignment, and the rest is history
New Mexico Rabbi Welcomes Vacationing New York Mayor
Internet & Technology
‘Wherever I go, I see Chabad,’ says Bill de Blasio
Million-Mitzvah Challenge With Popular Omer App
Internet & Technology
New ‘Omer Challenge’ campaign encourages nightly count; motivates outreach for others to do same
Right on Time: First Jewish App Released for New Apple Watch
Internet & Technology
One hot technology product will go with another, making the watch more useful for Jewish wearers
JEM Reaches Goal, Raising $1 Million in Less Than 24 Hours
Internet & Technology
A challenge to meet the surging interest in videos of the Rebbe’s teachings
For First-Time Megillah Reader, Digital Trainer Made Learning ‘100 Times Easier’
Internet & Technology’s handy annual companion to its Torah and Haftarah-reading trainer
It’s Official: Facebook Page Tops 100,000 ‘Likes’
Internet & Technology
Content attracts followers from all over the world, who have responded to postings
First Digital-Media Birthright Trip Offers Unique Benefit: A Real Disconnect
A group of techies discovers a moving moment in Israel, miles away from a Wi-Fi router
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