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International Conference of Emissaries

Diversity of Jewish Communities in Focus at Chabad Women’s Banquet
3,000 women leaders celebrate ‘righteous women, past and present’
5,600 Rabbis and Guests Reflect and Celebrate at International Banquet
Pittsburgh and 10th anniversary of Mumbai massacre not far from anyone’s mind
Pittsburgh Delegation Leads Thousands of Rabbis in Prayer and Solemn Song
Photo Gallery
Ceremony precedes annual group photo at international conference in New York
5,600 Rabbis and Guests Arrive in New York With Tragedy in Mind
North America
Pittsburgh massacre adds sobering note to joyous annual convention
After 366 Years, the Jews of Curaçao Welcome Permanent Chabad Presence
Rabbi Refoel and Chana Silver are reinvigorating Jewish life on the island
Montenegro, Set Deep in the Balkans, Gets Its First Rabbi in a Century
Chabad couple hits the ground running, tapping into the momentum of Jewish activity
Uganda Becomes the 100th Country With Chabad
Announcement made at the International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries
Visitors From Around the World at the Rebbe’s Resting Place
Photo Gallery
Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries gather at the Ohel in Queens, N.Y.
‘Capturing the Moment’: Thousands of Rabbis in One Photo
The backstory of the annual Kinus group picture in Brooklyn, N.Y.
At Brooklyn Banquet, Women Tout Family, Faith and Inspiration
Thousands of Chabad emissaries represent communities in 91 countries around the world
Rolling Out the Red Carpet in New York for Women Emissaries
North America
Sisters prep to take center stage as friends, family and colleagues amass for annual conference
5,600 Celebrate and Reflect at Chabad-Lubavitch Annual Banquet
75 years after the Rebbe’s arrival in the U.S., Chabad launches center in 50th state
What’s on the Rabbi’s Shopping List?
North America
Far-flung emissaries on annual trip to New York load up for family and community back home
The Elder Is the Newcomer as Three Generations Share Table at Chabad Banquet
North America
Gerald Teldon, 92, will savor the company of thousands of rabbis, his son and grandsons included
Like Their Fathers, 1,000 Chassidic Boys Head to a Conference
North America
A time and a place where emissary kids the world over relish their commonalities
Q&A: ‘Connected Above,’ South African Rabbi Builds Connections Below
Johannesburg leader to give keynote address at emissaries’ conference
The Return: 500 European Rabbis Gather in Village of Lubavitch
Former Soviet Union
Rabbis changing the face of European Jewry make pilgrimage to the shtetls where it all began
Back in California, Woman Reflects on First Visit to Rebbe's Ohel
North America
A guest at the shluchos convention is proud to no longer have ‘to hide her religion’
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