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Gimmel Tammuz

Gatherings Worldwide Mark the 25th Anniversary of the Rebbe’s Passing
Prayers, lectures, tributes and the extra performance of good deeds in the Rebbe’s memory
Worldwide Program Aims to Study All of the Rebbe’s 1,564 Chassidic Discourses
Commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Rebbe’s passing
Jewish Communities Worldwide to Honor 24th Anniversary of Rebbe’s Passing
Photo Gallery
More than 50,000 visitors expected at the Rebbe’s resting place
50,000 Visitors at Resting Place of the Rebbe
Photo Gallery
Prayer, meditation, study and mitzvahs mark the 23d anniversary of the Rebbe’s passing
Rebbe’s Yahrtzeit a Time for Reflection, Study and Action
North America
Programs and visits to the Ohel mark the anniversary of the Rebbe’s passing
The Rebbe’s Personal Journals Explored at Philadelphia Event
North America
Archival videos contextualize creative readings of Holocaust-era journal
Honoring the Rebbe’s Vision: Preparing for the 22nd Yahrtzeit
Around the world and at the Ohel, a time for reflection, learning and positive action
Worldwide Gatherings Focus on Rebbe’s Guidance for Meaningful Life
Emphasizing the impact the Rebbe continues to have on individuals and communities all over the globe
More Than 50,000 Expected at the Rebbe’s Resting Place
North America
Visitors and countless letters from around the world arriving this week
Knesset Honors Lubavitcher Rebbe in Advance of the Anniversary of His Passing
Speeches, displays and videos highlight Chabad’s ongoing contributions to the world
Connecticut Pays Tribute to the Rebbe at State Capitol Ceremony
The 23 Chabad centers in the state join legislators and community members in recognizing the Rebbe’s legacy
Knesset Session Lauds the Faith, Torah and Legacy of the Rebbe
Politicians in Israel pay tribute to and gain inspiration and strength from the Rebbe
‘Soul Encounters’ Offers Nearly 1,000 the Chance to Reflect on the Rebbe
North America
Attendees encouraged by his life, his legacy and his vision came away motivated to do more
‘This Is My Rebbe’: Art Show Commemorates Chassidism, Past and Present
News Brief
Artist Yitzchok Moully aims to “recapture that spirit and energy” of the Rebbe’s gatherings
Engrossed in the Rebbe’s Wisdom, Day and Night
First Person
A personal account of honoring the 20th yahrtzeit from Crown Heights to Queens, N.Y.
Chief Rabbis of Britain, South Africa and France Reflect on Rebbe’s Life
Rabbis derive lessons from the Rebbe’s wisdom and actions, which continue to inspire 20 years after his passing
 50,000 at the Ohel
Photo Gallery
Record number of visitors from around the world at the Rebbe’s resting place on the 20th anniversary of his passing.
20th Anniversary of the Rebbe’s Passing Commemorated Worldwide
Prayer, Torah study and acts of kindness in every corner of the globe
Legislators Declare July 1 as a ‘Day of Good Deeds’
North America
Proclamations encourage kindness and positive action in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Rebbe’s passing
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