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Rabbi Addresses National Day of Prayer in Rose Garden
Quotes from the Rebbe’s teachings at ceremony
‘The Heart of Prayer’: Four-Part Online Course Tackles Basics
The mechanics and mysticism that comprise ‘tefillah’
‘Scroll Down’ an Engaging 10-Part Multimedia Exploration of Jewish Texts
The ‘on-point, off-beat course on the transmission of Torah’ begins on May 31
Viral Music Video Shows Rabbi With ALS Is Still a ‘Master Communicator’
Typing only through eye movements, Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz gives and receives an outpouring of love
First Sign Language Interpretation at Chabad Banquet and on Webcast
Simultaneous ASL translation now available for Deaf viewers
10 Mitzvah Campaigns, 10 Video Lectures: Rabbi Digs Deep Into Their Significance
Video showcasing foundational programs by Rabbi Mendel Kaplan in Canada
Tevye Gets and Gives a Blessing
Theodore Bikel, who passed away this week at 91, visits with the Lubavitcher Rebbe
The Case of the Missing Tape and the Rebbe’s Rediscovered ‘Farbrengen’
A long-hoped-for discovery leads to the full restoration by JEM of the Chassidic gathering of July 14, 1981
A 10-Hour Walk of Jewish Pride in Montevideo, Uruguay
Positive responses and some friendly curiosity from passersby
500th Weekly DVD Edition of ‘Living Torah' Marks a Milestone
Featured talks and selected moments make the Rebbe’s wisdom and inspiration available to all
Restored Footage Shows Historic Solar Blessing
Solar Blessing Ceremony at Lubavitch World Headquarters
News clips of the historic 1981 gathering outside Lubavitch World Headquarters, where thousands of men, women and children blessed G-d for creating the sun.
Remembering Rivky Holtzberg
Nepal Emissary Remembers Best Friend from Mumbai
Chani Lifshitz reminisces of her friendship with fellow emissary Rivky Holtzberg, who was brutally murdered in the Chabad House in Mumbai.
Flames Carry Mumbai Menorah’s Light Skyward
Hundreds of people crowded in the small alley outside of Mumbai, India’s central Chabad-Lubavitch to witness a public Chanukah menorah lighting outside the six-story building destroyed in last month’s terror attacks.
Video: Holtzbergs' Funeral Services
Live coverage of funeral services for Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg from Kfar Chabad Israel
Rabbi Holtzberg Speaks About His Work
Chabad-Lubavitch of Mumbai, India was established in December, 2003…
Press Conference on Mumbai Tragedy
With profound sadness and deep sorrow we received the definitive news a short while ago, confirming the brutal murder of Rabbi Gavriel and Rivkah holtzberg…
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