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Where to Get Kosher-for-Passover Food Way Off the Beaten Track
Holiday Watch
From the middle of Canada to the middle of China, it’s possible with some planning
Last-Minute Prepping as Millions Worldwide Get Ready for Passover
Holiday Watch
Public seders, chametz sales and inspiration still available at Chabad.org
Passover Preparation in Venezuela Includes Praying for Electricity
South America
For the Jews of Venezuela, a difficult situation gets even harder
In Donetsk, There Will Be Matzah Once Again
Holiday Watch
Passover amid eastern Ukraine’s frozen war
Sales of ‘Chametz’ Soar as Passover Tradition Is Observed Digitally
Holiday Watch
Chabad.org makes it easy to participate in the age-old tradition
Will Thailand Top Nepal as Site of World’s Biggest Passover Seder?
Holiday Watch
Koh Samui giving Kathmandu a friendly run for biggest crowd of matzah-eaters
Prepping for Passover From Anchorage to Zanzibar
Holiday Watch
Chabad delivers millions of shmurah matzahs; will host thousands of Seders worldwide
Great-Great-Grandson of First Rabbi in the Dakotas Will Host Passover Seder
Holiday Watch
127 years and four generations later, following in the footsteps of family
Antwerp, Malta, Grenada, Russia: Passover Seder Preparations in Full Swing Worldwide
Holiday Watch
Buying, selling, cleaning, cooking and getting ready to host countless guests of all ages
Don’t Have a Place at a Seder? There Are 2,756 to Choose From
Holiday Watch
Interactive list covers events in more than 600 cities worldwide
All Hands on Deck for a Passover Seder on the ‘U.S.S. Nimitz’
Holiday Watch
Aircraft carrier one of many holiday sites for Jewish military personnel stationed worldwide
‘The Seder Explained’ in a Free, Four-Part Online Course
Holiday Watch
Practical and scholarly insight for Passover seder participants and leaders
1 Million Pounds of Shmurah Matzah: How Passover Production Continues to Rise
Holiday Watch
A rarity in the 1950s has become a national food trend
A Jewish ‘Communal Feel’ at Buffett Shareholders Meeting
In Nebraska, the celebration of Shabbat adds to the business palate
Jamaican Prime Minister Connects With Chabad
Holiday Watch
Newly elected official meets with rabbi who arrived there last year
A More Plentiful Passover in Moscow for Many
Holiday Watch
Those in need receive food for the holiday from Maot Chitim fund
Illinois Governor, Legislators Mark Passover, ‘Education Day’
News Brief
Rabbis at statehouse for model seder and a ceremony noting the Rebbe’s influence
Counting Down the Hours Until Seders Start Around the World
Holiday Watch
Celebrating the freedom, customs and traditions of the Jewish people
On Passover, Four Cups With a Different Kind of Sustenance
Holiday Watch
Alcohol-free seders for those in recovery and parolees
Out of Prison, One Woman’s Deeper Freedom On Passover
Helped by rabbinic chaplains and looking forward to a more spiritual life
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