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130-Plus Men Join ‘Mega Tefillin Wrap’ in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
South America
Building on last year’s Hakhel success, rabbis see a positive trend
Year of Unity Prompts Shabbat Gathering in Off-Beat Canada
North America
Chabad couple packs up the kosher food and meets 20 people in a sylvan spot called Nelson
‘Shabbat 1800’ Brings Students Together at Binghamton University
Campus Life
Dinner, amity and spirituality on campus, with a new goal in the Hakhel year
Counting Down the Hours Until Seders Start Around the World
Holiday Watch
Celebrating the freedom, customs and traditions of the Jewish people
Jewish Students Take Charge and ‘Unite4Purpose’ at Binghamton U.
Campus Life
Hundreds probe Jewish issues and identity as part of year-long Hakhel project
Canada’s Premier Says ‘Shabbat Shalom!’ to Campus Gathering
Campus Life
Regional Shabbaton brings together 300 students from universities around the country
New York-Bound Daytrippers to Get Bird’s-Eye View of Chabad
North America
Inspiration and education for all ages to be had in Brooklyn
Multifaceted Montreal Campaign Inspires Jewish Gatherings
North America
From galas to small get-togethers, projects involve nearly 40 Chabad centers
Gala Reinforces Vibrant Jewish Life in Paris
Annual Chabad dinner moved to the 19th district, near the site of the Hyper Cacher attack
Gather for the Peace of Jerusalem
News Insight & Commentary
Why is it so easy for the destroyers to gather and wreak havoc, and so hard for Jews to gather to pray for the peace of Jerusalem?
International Hakhel Event Connects Jews of All Ages and Places
Holiday Watch
Tens of thousands take part in an inspiring start to a new year of Jewish connectedness
London Sunday Cruise Combines Hakhel Year Gathering and Annual Tashlich
Led by a Chabad couple, some 70 people will cast their sins into the Grand Union Canal
Jews the World Over Ready Themselves for Rosh Hashanah and Hakhel, 5776
Holiday Watch
As people prepare for meals and services, rabbis get set to inspire with words and new goals
A Shliach to the World
For the past five years, Rabbi Gavriel and Rivkah Holtzberg were the Rebbe's shluchim, emissaries or ambassadors, to Mumbai, India. As of today, however, they have become his emissaries to the world.
On Quarterbacks, Linemen and Being a Part of the Team
A Lesson on Unity
There are the quarterback and the running back, who get all the glory, the big contracts and sneaker deals. And then there are the offensive linemen who bask in anonymity.
Be a Part of It
Certainly, we can be well-informed about politics without ever joining in a rally. Yet when actually going out and joining physically with other people, something takes place that is unique...
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