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Festivity Prevails as World Preps for Purim
Holiday Watch
Chabad centers everywhere set for holiday, which begins on Wednesday night
It’s Happy Purim Holiness in New Orleans
Holiday Watch
The Jewish community celebrates its heritage
Purim Celebrations in 91 Nations: ‘It’s All About Authentic Joy’
Holiday Watch
Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries prepare to welcome guests to Megillah readings and revelry
Extra ‘Snap’ to SXSW: Purim Coming to the Streets of Austin
Holiday Watch
A Shabbat dinner for 300 festival-goers, followed shortly afterwards by pedicabs and a holiday party
Purim Behind Bars: Megillah for Thousands in New York Prisons
Holiday Watch
For three decades, Rabbi Kasriel Kastel has organized programs for inmates statewide
In Battered Brussels, Purim Subdued in Public, Joyous Within
Holiday Watch
‘We will not bow our spirits in the face of modern-day Hamans,’ says one rabbi
Day-School Kids Help Public-School Peers Have a Happy Purim
Holiday Watch
New York students send mishloach manot to children in the Released Time Program
Purim 5776 Arrives, Filled With Mitzvahs, Celebrations and Joy
Holiday Watch
Thousands of Chabad centers worldwide get set for the holiday
300-Year-Old Megillah Scroll to Highlight Maryland Purim
Holiday Watch
A rediscovered scroll that survived Spain tells the story of Jewish survival in Persia
In Israel, Purim Visits to Terror Victims, Recent and Long-Term
Holiday Watch
CTVP and volunteers take time to lift the spirits of those still suffering
Experiencing the Joy of Purim When Drinking’s Off-Limits
Holiday Watch
Rabbis work with Jewish addicts and alcoholics year-round, and especially on holidays
Purim Costumes as a Teaching Moment: A Pennsylvania Family’s Tradition
Holiday Watch
Each year, seven themed outfits designed to speak to the soul
The Sound of Megillah Readings to Fill Jerusalem as Part of ‘Azza Zaza’
Holiday Watch
Thousands to hear Megillat Esther in restaurants, bakeries, parks and in the streets
Girls Roll Out Plan to Help Israel, One ‘Hamantash’ at a Time
Holiday Watch
With terror victims in mind, a Purim project in Florida is timed to a holiday bat mitzvah celebration
Colel Chabad Purim Cards Provide Gifts for Poor in Israel
Holiday Watch
New Pantry Packers program is already in its second printing
‘Lone Soldiers’ in Israel Receive Purim Packages Reminiscent of Home
Holiday Watch
Those in Jerusalem also got to hear Megillah readings, courtesy of Chayal el Chayal
An Uplifting Purim in Kharkov, Ukraine
Holiday Watch
Holiday programs at the annual circus event, and in schools, shuls and all around town
A ‘Wild West’ North Dakota Rabbi’s Purim Legacy
Holiday Watch
19th-century rabbi’s great-great-grandson comes to help for the holiday and dig into his roots
In Asia: Purim Music, Parties, Even Exotic Birds for Tourists and Residents Alike
Holiday Watch
Guests have said ‘Purim changed their lives,’ recounts Chabad rabbi in Bangkok
For First-Time Megillah Reader, Digital Trainer Made Learning ‘100 Times Easier’
Internet & Technology’s handy annual companion to its Torah and Haftarah-reading trainer
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