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First Person

California Rabbi Reflects on the Near Drowning of His 3-Year-Old Son
First Person
A father expresses thanks for ‘a miracle of a lifetime’
The Monsey Stabbing a Short Drive From My Home
First Person
People are scared, and not just in this little sleepy town
From Woodstock to Jerusalem
First Person
A short account of a long trip
‘Daughter’ to Pittsburgh Victims Shares Her Memories and Pain
First Person
‘They’d never miss a Shabbat,’ writes Rochel McDoodle, urging Shabbat candle-lighting and other mitzvahs in their memory
With Death Nearby, Our Shabbat Services Were on Lockdown in Squirrel Hill
First Person
I told him I was fine, but was I? Are any of us?
A Jewish Transformation at an Historic Liberal Arts College
First Person
Alumni inspired by Chabad’s presence at Hamilton College in New York state
High School Girls Record Women’s Untold Stories of the Rebbe
First Person
Students interview their relatives and share their stories on WhatsApp
13 Dead in Barcelona Attack Near Kosher Restaurant
80 confined to restaurant as killers are sought; Jewish institutions close
Hospital Visit to Stranger Leads to an Unexpected Inheritance
First Person
A call from the Caribbean to Canada helps one rabbi link a father and son
Rays of Light Amid Loss: A Torah in Memory of Seven Children Killed in New York Fire
First Person
Encourage joy, urges Gabriel Sassoon, a father who has lost so much; learn Torah and live by it
In Russia, the Giving of the Torah, Quite Literally, for One Boy
Former Soviet Union
Never mind the games and other playthings, this five-year-old had his eye on the real prize
Q&A: Chabad.Org Editor Earns Second Place in International Bible Contest
Alex Heppenheimer travels from Brooklyn to Jerusalem, returning with great results
Engrossed in the Rebbe’s Wisdom, Day and Night
First Person
A personal account of honoring the 20th yahrtzeit from Crown Heights to Queens, N.Y.
Gathered to Listen and Learn, and Live the Torah Values Espoused by the Rebbe
First Person
Montreal serves as a microcosm of the larger world of Chabad-Lubavitch everywhere
Shining a Light in a Dark Place
First Person
I again journeyed to the old synagogue in Mumbai for Friday night prayer. There I met Rabbi Dov from Paris, the temporary replacement. Just like Rabbi Gavi, he approached me after the service and invited me to Shabbat dinner at Chabad.
An Inside Look: Rocket Threat Keeps Israelis on Their Toes
First Person
A resident of Ashkelon, Israel, records his observations of living under the constant threat of rocket attack.
A Suitcase of Goodness
First Person
On Sunday, I embarked on a day-long trip to visit the families who were sitting shiva for the victims of the Mumbai tragedy. I was ready for a mission of light.
Touring Israel A Window Into Jewish People's Survival
First Person
The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute’s recent mission to Israel took participants from around the world to sites illustrating the triumph of the Jewish people.
Globetrotting Senator Tells of Worldwide Movement
First Person
Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman, who spoke to Chabad-Lubavitch of Greater Boynton Beach in Florida back in January, tells of guidance he received from the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory.
Witness to Tragedy Looks to Museum to Spread Tolerance
First Person
Ari Halberstam was gunned down on the Brooklyn Bridge by a terrorist 14 years ago. His mother works to spread Judaism’s love of fairness and equality to every child who visits New York’s Jewish Children’s Museum.
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