Inspired by a request from 1,300 miles away, a group of six-year-old campers at the Camp Gan Israel in Washingtonville, N.Y., sent a package to Boca Raton, Fla., to help give a six-year-old boy with special needs a little bit of a the Jewish camp experience he usually must do without.

According to camp director Chana Burston, who also co-directs Chabad-Lubavitch of Orange County in nearby Goshen, the project was set in motion after the boy’s mother requested that the camp send one of its shirts.

“Our recent move from New York to Florida had been a hard one for our son,” she wrote. “Although we would like him to be educated in a Jewish day school, the public schools in our area offer special therapies.”

Because of his therapy, the boy, named Ari, couldn’t attend a local Camp Gan Israel, so the mother embarked on a campaign to “collect as many Camp Gan Israel t-shirts from around the world as possible.” Her plan was that Ari would be motivated by wearing a different shirt each day.”

Burston went to her campers, who set out designing a special card to accompany the shirt. They also sent Ari their group photo. …