An arrangement between the Jewish community of S. Petersburg and an area farm has netted five tons of kosher chickens, enough to feed Jews in Russia’s second-largest city for several months.

Through an agreement worked out by the community, led by Chief Rabbi Menachem Pewzner, a Chabad-Lubavitch emissary, and Roskar Farms, a team of 30 workers prepared chickens in accordance with Jewish law. The ritual slaughtering was performed by Yossi Badzhiev, who was sent from Moscow by the Kashrut Department of Russia’s Chief Rabbiniate.

“For Roskar Farms, this project was more to promote good community relations than as a commercial venture,” said Elena Kudryavtseva, a spokeswoman for the company. “Organizing a kosher poultry line as a business is not an easy task. But there is an important human component. We are pleased to collaborate with the Jewish community and promote the development of Jewish religious life in S. Petersburg.”

The Jewish community of S. Petersburg is a member of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia. …