Jewish residents of Colorado Springs, Colo., and its environs celebrated the opening of the world’s newest ritual bath, a luxuriously-appointed mikvah designed to incorporate fixtures typically seen in spas and health centers.

A chief advantage of Chabad of Southern Colorado’s new Mikveh Mei Menachem, according to locals, is that Jewish women wishing to keep the laws of ritual family purity will no longer have to travel hours to use a mikvah in Denver.

Chabad of Southern Colorado is directed by Rabbi Moshe and Zeldy Liberow.

Dedicated on May 17, the new Mikveh Mei Menachem in Colorado Springs allows Jewish women in the area to use a ritual bath without travelling hours to Denver.

The Sunday dedication ceremony featured guest speaker Aviva Kashuk, right, who told of her own religious journey and the importance of keeping Judaism’s laws of ritual purity.

Aviva Kashuk speaks about the centrality of a ritual bath in Jewish family life.

Residents from across Southern Colorado attended the dedication ceremony, which was presided over by Rabbi Moshe and Zeldy Liberow.

A waterfall and plants contribute to the spa-like atmosphere that designers wanted to evoke at the new ritual bath.

The centerpiece of the mikvah is the ritual bath itself, which adheres to Jewish legal requirements specifying its volume and connection to a reservoir of rain water.

Zeldy Liberow, center, co-director of Chabad of Southern Colorado, explains the use of a mikvah to community members.

A tent outside the facility shielded guests from the sun.