Sara Loewenthal
Sara Loewenthal

Mothering past, present and future was the topic of discussion on the Professor Gerry Cammy Show on Ottowa, Canada's 580 CFRA News Talk Radio, and the host brought on two Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries to answer questions on child rearing and parenting philosophies.

The main Mother's Day segment featured an interview with Devora Caytak, director of the Jewish Youth Library of Ottawa and mother of 12, and three other Ottawa-area mothers.

Caytak said that she saw it as her duty to mold good citizens, and that she always prayed for insight in fulfilling her responsibilities to her children.

During a break in the interview, Caytak's daughter Sara Loewenthal, co-director of Chabad of South Kensington in Central London, appeared on the show.

When asked what she learned from her mother, Loewenthal answered: "The blessing of community involvement." ...