The results of the United Kingdom’s national examinations popularly known as the A-levels are in, and a Chabad-Lubavitch high school in London is reporting that its students once again scored record marks.

A total of 14 students at the Lubavitch Senior Girls School in the neighborhood of Stamford Hill took 21 exams in mathematics, Biblical Hebrew and religious students. A full 100 percent passed the exams, while 85 percent achieved an A or B. Last year, 79 percent earned those marks.

The accomplishment comes one year after government inspectors from the UK Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills praised the school for its high standards and multiple achievements. Also in the past year, two students from the school placed in the top 10 in a national science test.

Rabbi Shmuel Lew, the headmaster, praised the work of the school’s staff and credited the diversity of its student body as one of the factors in the recent successes.

The school accepts pupils from the whole spectrum of academic ability, and also encourages weaker pupils to take the exams, allowing everyone the opportunity to achieve their best, he said.

Secular studies occupy half of the school day at the school, with the remainder of the time spent in the study of Torah, Jewish law and Chasidic thought. A large percentage of alumni serve as Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries around the globe.

“We look forward to a new school year in which the girls will achieve even more,” said head teacher Helen Freeman. “Our pupils really care. Whether making a school show, running a summer camp or studying for advanced level exams, they put their heart and soul into their work.”