Two Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries in China helped an Israeli businessman post bail so that he could spend Passover with the Jewish community, the Jerusalem Post reported.

"This is a G‑d," Zohar Mansharove told the Post on Friday upon learning of his brother Dato Mansharove's release on bail of $7,140. "We prayed a lot for him. We are believers."

Mansharove had been detained without a hearing for nearly four months for allegedly smuggling hundreds of cellphones into the country. Mansharove's attorney said that his client was doing friends of his a favor when he brought in about 450 used phones last September, and was told to pay a fine within 90 days. He was taken into custody in late December, and was released after the involvement of Israel's Foreign Ministry.

Rabbis Shalom Greenberg, co-director of the Shanghai Jewish Center and Eli Rozenberg of Chabad-Lubavitch of Guangzhou arranged for Mansharove's bail. ...