Among the selections at the recent New York Jewish Student Film Festival was New York University anthropology Ph.D. candidate Lauren Shweder Biel’s “888-GO-KOSHER,” a 10-minute documentary of one of the city’s rapid-response kitchen koshering service.

Run by Rabbi Sholtiel Lebovic, a Chabad-Lubavitch Chassid in Brooklyn, Go Kosher offers to kosher residential and commercial kitchens, taking care of all of the details, from blow-torching pots and pans to immersing them in a mikvah.

The film, produced by Biel’s Kavanah Production, won honors at Jewish film festivals across the United States before being screened at the New York venue.

“The theme and the film’s quality seem to have struck a chord,” says Lebovic. “We view it as a testament to the work we are involved in.” …