(FJC.ru) As part of a new initiative by the Jewish community of Perm, Russia, to provide for the region's Jewish prisoners, Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Zalman Deutch visited the maximum security White Swan prison in Solikamsk. Deutch, Perm's chief rabbi, met with the prison's chief administrator and discussed the possibility of future visits and programs.

Both described the conversation as "productive" and expressed confidence that the Jewish community's moral and material assistance would help to lessen the hardships faced by Jewish prisoners.

After the meeting, Deutch met with one inmate and spoke about the upcoming holiday of Passover. The rabbi gave the prisoner a gift basket including a box of matzah and kosher grape juice.

"It is very important to give some kind of internal peace to someone experiencing physical incarceration," commented Deutch. "Internal peace is serenity for the soul. We will do everything in our power to provide for the spiritual freedom of Jewish inmates."