Jewish members of Her Majesty's Armed Forces celebrated Chanukah with the help the organization's Jewish Committee and Chabad-Lubavitch of Manchester in England, which sent gifts and menorahs to personnel serving away from home.

"Our Jewish troops can sometimes feel isolated when they are away from their families over festivals, but they continue to do a sterling job serving their country," said Jewish Committee vice chairman Col. Martin Newman.

The parcels contain food and candy, as well as candles and menorahs that were provided by Chabad-Lubavitch. Similar drives are conducted during other holidays.

Jewish soldiers under the command of the British Crown currently serve in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Cyprus, Northern Ireland, Africa, Belgium and Germany.

Said Capt. Harry Poloway: "We know from the response we received after Rosh Hashanah that these parcels are important to our people and we hope to repeat the exercise for Purim and Pesach.

"Two of our officers who came under fire over the holiday shared their halva, apples and honey with their non-Jewish soldiers during a quiet and reflective moment," added Poloway.