Following an event where the governor of Ulyanovsk, Russia, met various ethnic groups represented in the region, the local Jewish community signed an accord of mutual cooperation with the city.

Rabbi Yosef Marozov, director of Chabad-Lubavitch of Ulyanovsk, a city that has seen much anti-Semitism over the past few year, said during the event that "it is the responsibility of each person to take into [consideration] their actions and what they can do to make Ulyanovsk a better city."

Following the event, Gov. Sergei Morozov met privately with Marozov, who also serves as Ulyanovsk's chief rabbi. The rabbi presented the public official with a menorah.

The accord of mutual cooperation signed between the city and the Jewish community tasks the chief rabbi with advancing spirituality in the region. It also talks of the responsibility to provide assistance and various forms of humanitarian aid to serve the social needs of local residents, both young and old. The governor promised that the city would help the Jewish community in whatever way it could.

The city previously worked with the Jewish community in returning its local synagogue building.

Ulyanovsk is named after Vladimir Ulyanov, also known as Vladimir Lenin, who was born there. Until the arrival of Rabbi Yosef and Suri Marozov last year, it went some 80 years without a resident rabbi.